How to Apply to Mesquite Academy

Entrance to Mesquite Academy is by application and invitation only. The application process is described below.

Students must live in the Mesquite ISD School district and be enrolled in one of the 5 traditional high schools.

Applications may be obtained from your school Counselor. There is a part for the Counselor to fill out and a part for the parent/student to fill out. The Counselor will send the application to Mesquite Academy.

Your application will be reviewed. Priority is given to students who

  • Have at least 17 credits toward graduation
  • Have a good attendance record at their current high school
  • Have an acceptable discipline record at their current high school
  • Have a special need

Students/Parents are called if their application is accepted. 

There are several orientations throughout the school year. No student will be enrolled unless they have attended an orientation. 

Applicants may call the school at 972-882-7570 during regular school hours (8:00-5:00) to check on their application.

Markers for Success

Historically students are more successful at Mesquite Academy if the following factors are present:

  • The student must have the motivation to work toward graduation.
  • The student must commit to regular attendance.
  • The student must be self motivated and able to work individually to complete classes. The student must be able to read and understand a syllabus. Each class has a highly qualified teacher guiding students but the expectation is that the student can complete much of the work on his/her own.
  • The student must be able to commit to being respectful to school gidelines, school staff and other students.